Sponsor A Student


For $100 you can provide students with supplemental learning for an entire year.

While students themselves do not pay anything to attend Amped for Education’s learning center, there are costs associated with running the center – such as instructor salaries and school supplies. By sponsoring a grade of students at the learning center, you’ll alleviate some of these costs and help provide students with the opportunity to succeed academically.

The cost of sponsorship contributes to:


Pencils, notebooks, paper, and other supplies used daily in the center.


Stipends for learning center staff, including English instructors.


3-4 educational excursions per year to places such as Masaya Volcano and Coyotepe Fortress.

Computer Classes

Computers are brought to the learning center every week.

As a sponsor, you’ll receive:

Bi-monthly Updates

Updates about projects and lessons taking place at the learning center, from both instructors and students.


Photos of class projects and excursions, guest speakers, and other activities.


Once a year, we’ll send a report detailing academic and other improvements made by learning center students as a result of their attendance.

Student Profiles

Bi-monthly interviews with learning center students.

If you would like additional information about the sponsorship program, please email sarah@ampedforeducation.org. You can also check a few FAQs below.

If you’re ready to become a sponsor, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll be in touch!

Unlike some larger organizations, you have the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua and meet the students you sponsor face-to-face. These instances have been particularly moving for both the students and sponsor. If you are a current sponsor who would like to visit Nicaragua, let us know and we can begin arranging your trip.



Will I be able to choose the grade I sponsor?

Amped for Education will assign you a grade based on the needs of the community and the Learning Center.

How long does sponsorship last?

We anticipate that you will sponsor a grade of students throughout their entire high school career, for a
total of five or six years depending on when you begin sponsoring.

This consistency will emphasize the importance of education and inspire them to study, keep their grades up, attend school and the Learning Center every day and arrive on time, and complete high school.

I’m interested in sponsoring with a group of family or friends. How does that work?

If you are sponsoring with one other person, all updates will be sent to both of you. If you are sponsoring with more than one other person, we will send these items to one member of the group. Just let us know who will be responsible for receiving and distributing information for your group!

Can I visit the learning center and meet the students I have been sponsoring?

A sponsor and their students meeting in person is a great experience for everyone. If you would like to arrange a trip to Nicaragua, please let us know and we will work with you to make it happen. You’ll have the opportunity to meet your students as well as spend some time in the Learning Center.

Become a Sponsor