Our Mission


Amped for Education was founded to expand educational opportunities to impoverished areas of Nicaragua, and throughout the world, and to encourage continuous learning of students beyond the sixth grade. 

Education is a key factor in determining the positive and prosperous growth of a developing country.

We believe every child deserves an education that gives them the skills and knowledge to build a better world. Through the funding and construction of schools, learning centers, and educational infrastructure, Amped for Education seeks to develop long-term relationships with local communities in order to facilitate a variety of educational incentives.

We encourage the continuous learning of students beyond the elementary level.

Our primary focus is to include the community in the planning, construction, development, and operations of schools and places of learning. From local contractors and builders, to classroom teachers, a key¬†aspect of Amped for Education’s work involves working side-by-side with people in the community, rather than simply for them.

Amped for Education seeks to fulfill its goals of expanding educational opportunities through a variety of fundraising mechanisms, including a sustained effort to introduce travelers to the developing world.

Through our unique volunteer trips, travelers participate in charitable works, help develop educational infrastructure, discover the culture and history of Nicaragua, and better understand the host country through direct engagement with community members.