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In October 2014, as a result of a community survey, Amped for Education opened Learning for Life,
a center where students can receive academic help outside of school.

The survey determined that the way in which we could most impact education in Nicaragua was to support and reinforce concepts done in the public schools through project-based learning. To that end, Learning for Life offers students a place learn about topics outside of traditional methods offered here in the public schools. Through guest speakers, completing projects, and going on excursions, we work with students to help them not only improve their grades, but also discover their passion. Because school is not compulsory beyond the sixth grade, we began working with sixth graders to try and instill a value for education and a love of learning before it became time to decide whether or not to enroll in high school.

Currently there are approximately 40 students who attend the center regularly, and our goal is to add additional students each year until we are hosting students from all secondary grades.

“My favorite part is that I can help students with their homework, and develop projects that motivate them to continue studying.”

Lilliam, Learning Center Instructor

Check out a video of the first day of classes at the learning center above.


Plans for our next learning center.

Our current plans are to begin construction on a second learning center in July 2015, with an anticipated opening in October 2015. Please check back for more information!

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