Alumni Testimonials

Thoughts and reflections about Nicaragua from past volunteers.

When the plane first touched down in Managua, I could not take my eyes off of the windows. I wanted to absorb every detail I possibly could. Weeds crept up through the cracks of the tarmac. Outside the airport fence there was just dense woodland. The landscape overall was a vibrant green. Everything was new to me and I loved it.

There were two really interesting people I met on the trip. Mario and Orlando were the contractor’s assistants at the school job site. They didn’t speak much English and we didn’t speak much Spanish but they were roughly our age, funny, and it made working a lot more fun.

To someone considering a trip: just do it. This is an experience that you can’t find somewhere else. It’s an opportunity to vastly improve other people’s lives and futures, as well as make yourself a better person in the process, not to mention exploring a new country.

Cam, Summer 2013 Volunteer and Summer 2014/15 Intern

My experience in Nicaragua was the best experience in my life. I can honestly say i came back with a different perspective. Before Nicaragua, I didn’t appreciate how important things like running water are. When you come back from living somewhere else, even after a short time, simple things seem so precious to you. In a way you feel almost selfish that you have things, that people in developing countries don’t have.

I would recommend this trip to anyone, I never felt unsafe and or unwelcome. The people were friendly and the environment was beautiful. The coolest people I met in Nicaragua was probably the kids. Some of them were my age. I think what really was fascinating, was that they might have not had much but they were some of the happiest kids i’ve seen.

The whole trip was wonderful, the beach house was beautiful, the hostel made you feel right at home, the zip lining was fun, I can’t think of one thing I didn’t like about the trip. If you’re considering going to Nicaragua, just go! It will the best experience, period.

Rowan, Summer 2013 Volunteer and Summer 2014 Intern

The kids at the elementary school are adorable and have such open-minded willingness to learn that you can see in their eyes. The high schoolers are a lot like us, just trying to learn and figure out who they want to be and I think Amped for Education does a great job of facilitating that environment for them.

To people considering this trip but are a bit uneasy about it, I would say you have to just go for it. When you come back from this trip you are able to understand how such a huge percentage of people on this earth live and view the world and it really helps put everything into perspective. All of sudden it’s not just about your future and the small community we live in. It’s about so much more than that and how you can possibly affect how this world will evolve and change. It’s a mind-blowing concept.

Serena, Summer 2013/14 Volunteer

It is easy to take for granted the educational opportunities we are given. Since visiting Nicaragua, I have learned to cherish my education and the teachers and peers who have molded me into the person I am today.

Hannah, Summer 2012 Volunteer

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. At first I was unsure, but I trust Sarah and Jeff completely and left it all up to them. Even before the trip, Sarah provided volunteers with all the information we needed and told us exactly what we needed to do once we landed. They provided me with an amazing trip and I can’t wait to go back!

Molly, February 2014 Volunteer